Secondary CCA

CCAs are part of SISHK holistic student development and complement the academic programme. CCAs enable SIS students to participate actively and serve to promote skills development, awareness of global issues, leadership, teamwork, self-disciplne and sportsmanship.

For CCAs that are offered more than three years, students will be automatically enrolled in the following year. If schedule permits, students may sign up more than one CCA, thus it is important for students to know and understand the unique requirement of each CCA so that they can be fully committed to the CCA and benefit from its programme. Below is a list of CCAs currently offered by the school.

Please click here for the AY2017/18 CCA calendar (Secondary Section)

Sports CCAs

The school is a member of International School Sports Federation Hong Kong and Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation. As such, students in some of the sports below will be given opportunities to compete against local and international schools in Hong Kong. In addition, where appropriate, the school will also register students for competitions arranged by other organizations to further enhance their learning experience and development.

Badminton (Only for lower secondary students)





Table Tennis

Creative and Performing Arts CCAs

Students in these CCA will be exposed to and further their interest in arts and platforms will be provided to showcase their talents.


Chinese Drama

Chinese Orchestra

Vocal Group

Western Instrumental Ensemble

Special Interest and Community Services CCAs

Students in these CCAs will be allowed to develop practical life skills or have strong convictions to impact the the global or local community positively. They will take the initiatives to lead projects or organize actvities to promote awareness of global issues.

Chinese Culture Connection which comprises of Chinese Book Club

Chinese Drama

Chinese Speech

Chinese Martial Arts

Computer Science

Cooking (Only for lower secondary students)

Japanese Culture and Language

Model United Nations