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Student Development

SIS believes in the importance of a holistic education, one that provides academic rigor but does not neglect character development. Our aim is to nurture the whole child so that our students develop into well-adjusted, happy and confident individuals with leadership ability, sound moral values, a charitable spirit and an appreciation for different cultures.

SIS explicitly targets personal and social-emotional skills via the MindUP and pastoral care and assembly programs. The MindUP program includes 15 lessons that help students learn to self-regulate and focus their concentration for academic success while enhancing perspective taking, empathy and kindness. Additionally, our pastoral care and assembly program includes supplementary lessons on community building, leadership, anti-bullying, study skills, organization, goal setting and stress. Upper primary students also take part in lessons on Educational Career Guidance and Sexuality.

1) Supporting Students: The Student Development department concerns itself with finding ways to support our students both inside and outside the classroom.

Character Development — The school’s core values are R3ICH: Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Integrity, Care, and Harmony. We aim to inculcate these values in our students via explicit instruction in our assembly program, infusing the core values into all aspects of the curriculum, and modeling these values in our daily actions and words. Children are taught problem solving skills as appropriate to their level and are assisted in the development of their social skills.

Leadership Opportunities — We encourage all children to find the leader in themselves, whether on a private level (modeling responsible behavior, standing up for someone who is being treated unkindly) or public (roles of added responsibility). Within the school our Prefects play a significant role in leadership, demonstrating exemplary behavior and leading through example as well as leading the school in opening exercises and other special projects to suit the needs of the students at various times of the year.

Discipline — At SIS we generally prefer discipline to punishment. When mistakes happen, students are encouraged to: own it, fix it, learn from it, and move on. At the primary school we follow a 3Rs approach: Restitution: fix what you did, repair the damage, replace something you broke, make up for harsh words, etc. 
Resolution: come up with a plan to prevent it from happening again.
 Reconciliation: heal with the person you harmed.

Learning Support — We strive to help all students realize their full academic potential. To this end, we have a Learning Support Coordinator who works to ensure that all children who have been identified with special needs as well as those requiring occasional support receive the appropriate intervention, accommodations and follow-up.

Emotional Support — SIS partners with St. John’s Counselling Service ( to offer short-term crisis-intervention counseling at school for those students experiencing times of difficulty. Where on-going counseling services are required parents are requested to arrange sessions outside of school in order to minimize disruptions to the academic program.

2) Supporting Parents: SIS enjoys the support of a very involved parent community. The Student Development department involves itself in such activities as orientation presentations for parents new to SIS, support and resources for families experiencing difficulties, and assistance with problem solving when conflicts arise. Please follow the procedure outlined below should you require assistance:

  • Contact your child’s form teacher if you have a concern. Please relate your concerns in a calm manner, keep an open mind, and trust that we will work with you to find a fair resolution for all parties involved. Please do not attempt to contact other children directly and do not speak ill of students to other parents.
  • Contact the Year Head if you are not satisfied with the steps taken so far. Year Heads for each level are:
Head of Department
Character and Global Citizenship Education
Mr Sun, Chin Keong
Subject Head
Student Management
Mr April, Patric
Subject Head
Student Well-Being
Ms Chao, Wei Ling
School Counsellor
Ms Mirapuri, Sapna
P1 Year Head Ms Elanggoan, Elizabeth
P2 Year Head Ms Szeto, Esther
P3 Year Head Ms Cheng, Fiona
P4 Year Head Ms Lee, Giok Hua
P5 Year Head Ms Ong, Wendy
Pu6 Year Head Mr Craig, Samuel

3) Supporting Staff: SIS supports its staff via Professional Learning Circles, targeted Professional Development workshops, support and mentoring programs as well as a professional library.

Code of Conduct
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