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Singapore International School (HK) adopts the Singapore Primary Science curriculum. The Science Curriculum Framework is derived from the Policy Framework for the Teaching and Learning of Science. It encapsulates the thrust of science education in Singapore to prepare our students to be sufficiently adept as effective citizens, able to function in and contribute to an increasingly technologically-driven world.

Central to the curriculum framework is the inculcation of the spirit of scientific inquiry. The conduct of inquiry is founded on three integral domains of (a) Knowledge, Understanding and Application, (b) Skills and Processes and (c) Ethics and Attitudes. These domains are essential to the practice of science. The curriculum design seeks to enable students to view the pursuit of Science as meaningful and useful. Inquiry is thus grounded in knowledge, issues and questions that relate to the roles played by science in daily life, society and the environment



Science Programme for One and Two (SPOT)
Science is a new subject introduced to the P1 and P2 students in the academic year 2010/11. There is one Science period allocated for every P1 and P2 class each week. The school has its own schemes of work for P1 and P2 Science.

Through introducing Science to the P1 and P2 students, we hope to:

  • arouse their curiosity and develop their interests for Science at a young age
  • help them acquire some basic Science process skills
  • shape them to become responsible and enlightened member of a “Green Generation”

P3 and P4 Juassic Garage
Jurassic Garage was invited to SIS(HK) to bring live animals to our P3 and P4 students to observe the different groups of animals they had learned in Diversity of Animals. They have the opportunity to observe live animals at close range and guidance from the staff of Juassic Garage, they gain deeper understanding of the topic they have learnt.

P5 Discovery Dome
The Discovery Dome came to SIS(HK) after the winter break, causing much excitement to our students. An enormous dome was set up in the auditorium.

Students of Primary 5 entered the dome into the magical world of outer space in search of water. This experiential learning allowed students to re-visit what they have learnt about the water cycle and deepen their understanding about how precious water is.

P6 Ocean Park
The Learning journey for the P6 is conducted at the Ocean Park Academy in Ocean Park at Wong Chuk Hang. The visit gave the students firsthand knowledge of both the structural and behavioural adaptations of aquatic organisms. Through the guide, the students discovered the amazing behaviours of marine life and learned interesting facts about marine resources through interactive group games. The knowledge they gained during the learning journey complimented what the students were learning in the classroom about adaptations and helped consolidate their understanding of this topic.


Green Day

Why do we have Green Day?

  • We acknowledge that the world’s natural resources (including fossil fuels, trees, etc) are finite and hence we should use them wisely and not be wasteful.
  • We acknowledge that global warming is a very serious issue and that its consequences (which are already being seen) are disastrous.
  • We know that burning fossil fuels produces greenhouse gases which are responsible for the global warming.
  • We wish to show our students that we, as a school, are serious about doing something to reduce fossil fuel usage.
  • We acknowledge that indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides damages the environment and human health.
  • One way we acknowledge these things is by taking some action. Part of our action plan is to have a monthly “Green Day”.

What do we do on Green Day?

We address our concerns for the environment by:

  • Providing practical tips for conservation of resources.
  • Dressing in green / coming dressed in theme
  • Encouraging staff to take the stairs on Green Day instead of the lift


The University of New South Wales
International Competitions and Assessments for Schools 2016 - Science. For details, please click Here.



Ms Neo, Sock Khim
HOD / Science
Ms Yeo, Veronica
SH / Science
Ms Ong, Wendy
P5 Science Rep.
Ms Lee, Pick Kian
P4 Science Rep.
Ms Chan, Jerodine
P3 Science Rep.
 Mr Lai, Adam
Science Teacher
 Ms Li, Karen
Science Teacher
 Ms Cheng, Fiona
Science Teacher
Science Lab Assistant

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