Performing Arts Department - Drama

Drama (P1 – P6)

Drama serves a variety of purposes. It enables us to understand ourselves, the people around us and the world in which we live. By the end of P6, students will have:

  • Developed knowledge and understanding of the evolution of drama within cultural & historical contexts.
  • Experienced and applied dramatic elements and concepts.
  • Used drama vocabulary to appreciate, critique, respond, reflect and analyse drama and theatre.
  • Developed knowledge and understanding of artistic purposes and intentions.
  • Practiced, developed, and implemented dramatic technique.
  • Created and performed drama – solo and ensemble performance. 

Teacher Bio


To date Kate Sullivan has work in both national and international productions, spanning television, theatre, voice work and film, including a lead role in an independent feature film from New Zealand, and working opposite Sir Anthony Hopkins in the movie, The World’s Fastest Indian.

Kate- headshot 200c   Stage 350

In addition to a Bachelors of Performing and Screen Arts Degree from ‘Unitec School for Performing and Screen Arts’, where she majored in Acting, Kate holds a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Teaching from Auckland College of Education, and has 16 years teaching experience of all ages with 21 years’ working in the Performing Arts Industry.

In 2006, Kate completed an 8 week acting intensive in New York with the TVI Actors Studio. She has taught drama, dance and film acting in New Zealand, Budapest and Hong Kong at numerous local, International and Performing Arts Schools.

In the last 4 years , Kate has won an ‘Outstanding Writers Award’ and 2 ‘Outstanding Director Awards’ at the ‘Hong Kong School Drama Festival’. The school has won a total of 21 awards under her direction. 

This year, Kate has introduced CCA drama to the secondary school in which she will train and direct the students.


Samuel J CRAIG

Samuel is from Sydney, Australia, and holds a Bachelor of Creative Arts major in Performance from the University of Wollongong. a PGCE from the University of Sunderland, and a Master of Education from the University of Hong Kong.

 Sam Headshot  

Since graduating in 2006, Sam has had extensive experience touring musical interactive theatre having performed and taught in hundreds of preschools, primary and secondary schools in Australia, Hong Kong, Macau, Southern China, South Korea and Europe. In addition to performing, Sam has worked as an artistic director, artistic coordinator, drama program coordinator, director of professional and school productions, voice artist and compere. He facilitates and creates drama workshops and camps, performs dinner theatre, produces and entertains at corporate events and writes scripts. He is an active member of the Hong Kong arts community. 


Joanne LYTHERAO (P1)

Joanne graduated from Cambridge University with a Bachelor’s degree in Law and Social and Political Science. She completed her Post Graduate Certificate in Education, specialising in Mathematics, at Sheffield University. Joanne has taught Maths, English and Drama at schools in the UK and internationally. She thoroughly enjoys being involved in the Arts and has assisted in many whole school productions and dance shows. In her previous school she directed three musical productions. She is originally from Yorkshire in the North of England and has been living in Hong Kong for 6 years.


David COOPER (P2)

Originally from Leeds, England, David Cooper has worked as a primary English teacher in Hong Kong since arriving in 2007. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Modern Languages from the University of Hull in England as well as a Primary PGDE from the University of Hong Kong. In his previous employment, David was engaged in English language drama productions alongside his full-time English teaching duties. 

David is currently in his first year at Singapore International School where he teaches English and Drama.


Victoria KEEN (P2)

Victoria graduated from the University of the West of England, Bristol with Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and then went on to complete her PGCE at the University of Bath.  She specialised her degree studies in Children’s Literature and Shakespeare and developed a passion for theatre and performing arts.  Victoria has been teaching English and drama in Primary schools for over 10 years and has assisted on many whole-school performances and class productions.  She is originally from Bristol in England but has been living and teaching in Hong Kong for over five years. 

Victoria is currently in her first year at Singapore International School and teaches English and Drama.    



Since 2011 the Drama department has been growing and developing quickly. Each year Miss Kate Sullivan and Mr Samuel Craig produce, direct, write and coordinate numerous competitions and productions including the Hong Kong Schools Speech competition, the Hong Kong Drama Festival, Arts Festival, PTA Christmas Fair, school productions and the open house concerts.

  • Intro to Drama and Family Festival Performance – Origins of drama; solo and ensemble basic voice and movement skills through poetry
  • Adventure Drama - Unscripted character and story exploration
  • Basic performance skills - Movement & Voice
  • Family Fair PerformanceOrigins of drama; solo and ensemble performance using voice and movement through poetry and storytelling
  • Characterization and scripted drama - Learning technique with voice & body using scripts
  • Physical theatre performance - Origins of physical theatre and storytelling using voice & movement
  • Mime- Origins of mime, comedy, improvisation, space, forming objects and creating stories without voice
  • CommediaOrigins of comedy; stock character; improvisation
  • Melodrama - Origins of melodrama; stock character, storyline; script  
  • LABAN - Movement & Acting technique - origins of Laban techniques exploring behaviour and personality types, movement, space and improvised group scenes
  • P5 Production - Origins of  theatre production (Set, props, Direction, performance, writing) - Learning about multiple forms of theatre and taking on different production roles
  • Shakespearean and Jacobean TheatreOrigins of Shakespearean and Jacobean theatre; theatrical conventions and dramatic elements; language; creative interpretation
  • Filmorigins of film; cinematography; pre-production; production; post-production


Drama CCA (Primary & Secondary)
As the Drama department grows introducing 3 new drama teachers this year, for the first time, we see the inclusion of drama at Secondary level. Kate Sullivan will be leading drama as a CCA director and tutor on Secondary while Samuel Craig will take over the direction of the primary CCA group. Students will be able to showcase their work on numerous platforms such as PTA Family Festival/Open house, Drama festival, Arts Festival, and school assemblies. We will look, for the first time, at other opportunities for the students such as outside theatre and social media platforms. We are excited to lead such innovative and aspiring students as they are the voice and leaders of the future.

Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival
Each year SIS enters a number of students into the Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival Solo Verse Open Competition, where students are adjudicated on their ability to communicate a poem as though they are a native English speaker. Students often compete against as many as 60 other students in events all over Hong Kong during November and December. The school has returned many 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed students over the last three years.

Hong Kong School Drama Festival
SIS English language Drama CCA has taken part in the Hong Kong School Drama Festival since Andy Fullard and Kate Sullivan’s arrival at the school in 2011. The school has entered five original plays in this time. Awards for outstanding acting have been given to students in each year’s performances, as well as group awards for outstanding ensemble work. In 2013, the school was awarded the prestigious Adjudicator’s Award, entitling the students to perform their play in a public theatre. This is an award bestowed on approximately 40 of over 500 entries each year. In 2015/16AY, the group won a total of 10 awards. The best results yet for an English Drama group in this competition.

Arts Festival
Each year, students have the opportunity to see local and international professional artists perform live on our school’s auditorium stage. Performances have spanned all aspects of the Arts from dance to music, theatrical and musical productions, visual arts, and interactive workshops. All the Arts Festival shows include audience participation and offer the students unique insights and new perspectives into the world of the Performing Arts. This has been inspiring and innovative for SIS students engaging them in the wider professional arts community.


AY18/19 Drama Assessment Structure (Primary)

  Semester Assessment 1
(T2W5 & 6)
Semester Assessment 2
(T4W3 & 4)
Mark Scheme

P1 Assessment

  • Able to speak with clarity, volume, and expression
  • Able to move with control and expression
  • Able to perform with confidence in front of an audience
  • Able to make appropriate and interesting creative choices based on understanding of character and story
Holistic Report
P2  Assessment
  • Able to convey a character through physicality and voice
  • Able to perform with confidence in front of an audience
  • Able to communicate effectively with an audience and collaboratively with peers
  • Able to convey a character through physicality and voice
  • Able to perform with confidence in front of an audience
  • Able to communicate effectively with an audience and collaboratively with peers

P3  Assessment

100 marks 100 marks






X: absent

Physical Theatre

  • Performance (30 marks)
  • Process (60 marks)
  • Journal (10 marks)
  • Performance (30 marks)
  • Process (60 marks)
  • Journal (10 marks)
P4 Assessment 100 marks 100 marks
  • Performance (40 marks)
  • Process (60 marks)
  • Performance (40 marks)
  • Process (60 marks)

P5  Assessment

100 marks 100 marks
  • Performance (40 marks)
  • Process (60 marks)
  • Performance (40 marks)
  • Process (60 marks)
P6 Assessment 100 marks 100 marks
Shakespearean and Jacobean Theatre
  • Performance (40 marks)
  • Process (60 marks)
  • Performance/Film (40 marks)
  • Process (60 marks)