Performing Arts Department Primary & Secondary


Aesthetics is an essential element of human nature. It is a way of expression and communication that transcends language and cultural domains that cannot be replaced by other forms of human interactions. The goal of aesthetic education in SISHK is to present, educate, deepen and refine the mental sensation of feeling and creative expressiveness in our students through meaningful and authentic aesthetics experiences. We believe that aesthetic education would provide the basis for all students to develop an informed and enduring understanding for life-long involvement in the art form and to gain deeper and broader meaning in the form of arts production, arts criticism, arts history and aesthetics in each discipline and their inter-relationship.


The Performing Arts Department strives to develop all SISHK students with an informed and enduring understanding of music, dance and drama, as well as to harness them with the four Discipline-Based Art Education (DBAE) foundational disciplines that contribute to their creation, understanding and appreciation of the arts: Arts Production, Arts Criticism, Arts History and Aesthetics.

Teacher Classes for AY1819
Ms Irene Lee Teacher of Music (S1, S3 IGCSE, S4 IGCSE, IBDP 2)
Ms Connie Lau Teacher of Music (S2, S3 IGCSE, S4 IGCSE, IBDP 1)
Ms Tan Shu Sze Teacher of Music (S1, S2)
Ms Bobbi Chen   Teacher of Dance (Primary)
Ms Kate Sullivan  Teacher of Drama (Primary)
Mr Samuel Craig Teacher of Drama (Primary)
Mr Patrick Brousseau Teacher of Drama (Primary)
Ms Fan Jing Teacher of Music (Primary)

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Performing Arts Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) – Primary/ Secondary

PA CCA Groups Teacher-in-Charge Instructor Practice Days
Chinese Orchestra (Primary/Secondary) Ms Sam Mei Yin (IC),
Ms Fan Jing,
Ms Wong Siu Mui Candy
Mr Chan Ho Tak (Conductor),
Mr Wong Wai Hong
Ms Yip Chi Ka (Plucked-String),
Mr Wong Shun Wing (Winds)
Monday, Wednesday
Choir (Primary) Ms Tracy Mok (IC),
Ms Elizabeth Emma (2IC),
Ms Chow Melanie,
Ms Lee Pick Kian
Mr Vitus Chan 
Ms Leong Cindy (Pianist)

Monday, Wednesday
Western Orchestra
Ms Connie Lau (IC),
Ms Irene Lee,
Ms Wendy Ong (Primary)
Mr Lee Yik Chung Tuesday, Thursday
Chinese Drama (Primary) Ms Lee Tswei Lane (IC),
Ms Zhou Xue
English Drama (Primary) Ms Kate Sullivan (IC),
Mr Samuel Craig
Ms Kate Sullivan,
Mr Samuel Craig
Upper Primary Dance Ms Bobbi Chen (IC),
Ms Yang Jing
Ms Bobbi Chen Monday
Lower Primary Dance Ms Chan Tan (IC),
Ms Jin Mengwen
Ms Chan Tan Thursday
Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival Ms Kate Sullivan (IC)
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Pictures of Recent CCA Performances

P4 Drama performance March 2012
P4 Drama performance

SCMP, dated 6th December 2013
SCMP, 6th December 2013

SIS Choir performance with HK Chinese Orchestra, dated 20th December 2013
SIS Choir performance with HK Chinese Orchestra, 20th December 2013

HK Schools Dance Fedtival, dated 25th January 2014
HK Schools Dance Fedtival, 25th January 2014

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Achievements in the Performing Arts (AY 2013-Present)

Name of Festivals Level AY 2013/14 AY 2014/15 AY 2015/16 AY 2016/17
HK Schools Dance Festival Primary Highly Commended Honours Highly Commended Highly Commended
HK School Drama Festival 
(Sec CL Drama)
Secondary Not participated Not participated Not participated

Outstanding Script

Outstanding Director

Outstanding Performer (5x)

Outstanding Stage Effect

Outstanding Cooperation

Commendable Overall Performance

HK School Drama Festival 
(Pri EL Drama)
Primary 4 Outstanding Performer 
Outstanding Script

Adjudicator's Award

Outstanding Cooperation
Adjudicator’s Award    

Outstanding Performer (4x)

Outstanding Cooperation (Ensemble work) 

Outstanding Director 

Outstanding Script
Outstanding script (Merit)
Outstanding Director (Merit)

Outstanding Actors (5x)
Outstanding stage effect (Merit)
Outstanding cooperation (Merit)
Commendable overall performance (Trophy)
Not participated
HK School Drama Festival 
(Pri Chinese Drama)
Primary 3 Outstanding Performer 

Outstanding Cooperation
Not participated Not participated 3 Outstanding Actors 

Outstanding Cooperation (Merit)
HK Schools Speech Festival
(Chinese Verse solo)
Primary 6 Honours 
12 Merit        

6 Honours 
11 Merit        

4 Honours 
30 Merit        

5 Honours
16 Merit

HK Schools Speech Festival
P1 – P6
(English Verse solo)
Primary 6 First
12 Second
9 Third
7 Second
14 Third

1 Honour 
93 Merit

2 Second
5 Third

HK School Music Festival
(Individual Singing)
Primary 1 First
2 Third
7 Merit
1 First
5 Second
12 Merit

1 First
2 Second
1 Third
14 Merit
1 Distinction
2 Third
9 Merit
HK School Music Festival
Primary / Secondary Not participated 1 Second (Merit) 1 Third (Merit) 2 Merit 2 Third
12 Merit

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