Primary PE & CCA Department

Physical Education (PY and Primary)

Preparatory Years (PY)
The PE programme in the PY years focuses on teaching, developing and reinforcing basic locomotor (walking, running, jumping, etc) and non-locomotor (throwing, catching, etc) skills and concepts. The programme also aims to develop the child’s spatial awareness and social skills.

In PY2, the PE programme is enriched with a 12-week introductory Gymnastics course conducted by professional instructors.

Building on the skills the PY child has attained, the PE programme for P1 and P2 moves the child on to handling manipulatives and playing simple games. They also get lots of opportunities to work together and play as a team.

At P3 and P4, the child gets exposed to common modified games for Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball and Badminton. They learn the basic skills and concepts for each game and get to play in small sided matches.

The games played in P3 and P4 are revisited in P5 and P6. However, the focus at P5 and P6 is games exposure and the child gets to learn new games like Tchoukball and Floorball. Games skills and concepts continue to be taught and reinforced.

In addition to the land-based skills and games being covered, Swimming is also taught. The 4 basic swim strokes are taught from P1 to P4 and life-saving skills are taught in P5 and P6.

Camps also feature as part of the PE curriculum. Camps provide the child opportunities to experience independence and discover his or her own abilities and limits. Camps for P2 and P3 focus on letting the child get a feel of camping and staying in an unfamiliar environment for a night. At P4, the camp duration gets extended by a day. This camp is filled with fun and games and is intended for the child to enjoy the time spent with teachers and friends. Camps for P5 and P6 become more adventure-based, culminating in Sai Kung Country Park where the child experiences camping in the great outdoors.


After-School Activities

CCA – Co-Curricular Activities (whole-year programme)

CCA Application Timeline (For Primary Section Only)

  • Online CCA registration for the following year will start in June.
  • For CCAs that are offered for 3 year levels or more, members will be automatically enrolled in the same CCA for the following year.
  • Each student will be allocated one CCA.
  • Allocation to additional CCAs will depend on the number of vacancies left after the first round of allocation.
  • Results of allocation will be emailed to parents during the summer break.
  • For students who were not allocated a CCA or missed the application deadline, please email Mr Albert Cheng, (Acting) HOD/PE & CCA for more information.

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