Primary Mathematics Department

SIS(HK) Math Department Mission and Vision

Vision - Creative and passionate problem-solvers who are able to face challenges in an ever-changing world.

Mission - We are committed to make Mathematics interesting, practical and relevant to pupils’ daily lives.


MOE Mathematics Curriculum Framework


Singapore International School (HK) adopts the Singapore Primary Math curriculum. The central focus of the framework is mathematical problem solving. This framework sets the direction for and provides the guidance for teaching, learning and assessment of Mathematics at all levels. It also reflects the essential 21st century competencies.

This framework stresses on conceptual understanding, skills proficiency and mathematical processes, and gives due emphasis on attitudes and metacognition.


Syllabus (MOE)

Parents who would like to know more about the updated Primary Mathematics Syllabus 2013 for Primary 1 to 6, please Click Here.


Math Investigative Tasks

To better prepare our students for the unknown future challenges, it is crucial that they learn Math with deep conceptual understanding and apply these concepts in problem solving situations.

To this end, students are exposed to investigative tasks that will help them develop logical mathematical reasoning and problem solving competencies. These tasks are mirrored after real life situations. In addition, they are mainly investigative and exploratory in nature in which students will learn to check for assumptions and look for patterns in the vast information given. Other features about these tasks are the openness of the tasks. Some of the tasks are multi-method and mult-solutions, and essential Math thinking skills like classifying, comparing, sequencing, generalising, inductive reasoning, deductive reasoning, analyzing and synthesizing information are incorporated. Such tasks also provide opportunities for students to justify their solutions and communicate their reasoning clearly with accurate mathematical language.


Math Teachers

Level Teacher Class
P1 Ms Chao Wei Ling P1-RT
Ms Sam Mei Yin P1-CE
Ms Elanggoan Elizabeth P1-IY
Ms Mok Renee P1-HY
Ms Cheng Mona P1-RE, P1-RY
P2 Ms Cheng Fiona P2-RT
Ms LytheRao Joanne P2-RE, P2-CE
Ms Lee Dee Dee P2-HY
Mr Teo Boon Teck P2-RY, P2-IY
P3 Mr April Patric P3-HY
Ms Chao Wei Ling P3-RT
Ms Xhelilaj Ornela P3-RE, P3-IY
Mr Lee Casey P3-RY
Ms Cheng Fiona P3-CE
P4 Mr Lai Adam P4-RT
Ms Lim Hwee Hong P4-RE, P4-HY
Ms Mok Renee P4-RY
Mr Teo Boon Teck P4-CE
P5 Ms Lee Pick Kian P5-RT, P5-CE
Ms Yeo Veronica P5-RE
Ms Ong Wendy P5-HY
Mr Sun Chin Keong P5-RY
P6 Ms Lam Edwina P6-CE, P6-RT
Ms Tan Cleo P6-HY, P6-RE
Ms Yeo Veronica P6-RY

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