University Counselling Programme

The University Counselling Programme is a critical component of the school's strategic thrust to promote students' holistic development. The objectives of the University Counselling Programme in SIS(HK) are:

  • To help students to make informed decisions about university choices
  • To provide advice and guidance to students in choosing appropriate university courses
  • To advise and support students during the university application process

The University Counselling Programme for our DP students spans over two years. Within these two years, there are various lessons and activities to help student to discover and decide on their higher education options.

Within Curriculum time (PC lessons)

Outside formal curriculum time

University guidance sessions
Key themes:
1.Self Exploration
2.University Exploration
3.University Applications

  • Regular meetings with University Counsellors
  • Annual Higher Education Fair
  • School visits by admissions officers (throughout the year)

The University Counselling Committee is responsible for advising and assisting our students in their university selection and applications. We will provide the necessary guidance and support for our students but we are not in the position to make the decisions for them. It is our belief that students should take ownership over their own university search and application process. We strongly encourage parents to be involved in the process with their child during this important decision-making stage of his/her life.

The table below briefly describes the key activities for the two years.



DP Year 1

  • Advises on IB diploma course selection to ensure applicants have proper university entrance qualifications
  • Begin individual counseling meetings with DP1 students (this continues through DP Year 2) to find out about students' interests and university choices
  • Advises students on standardised tests e.g. SAT and BMAT
  • Conducts personality and psychometric tests to enable students to discover more about themselves
  • Administers career profiling assessment to help students to consider suitable career paths
  • Assists students in university program selection
  • Encourage students to attend Higher Education events, especially our annual Higher Education Fair
  • Advises students and parents to attend University Admissions seminars that are held in school
  • Promote external admissions events to students and parents
  • Conduct university guidance sessions to introduce the different university systems and the application processes/requirements to students

DP Year 2

  • Continue with regular individual counselling meetings with students to help them to fine-tune their short-listed university programmes
  • Conduct sessions to discuss the different application modes and requirements e.g. UCAS
  • Advises and review students' personal statements and application essays
  • Reviews students' applications
  • Advise students on multiple offers
  • Provide pre-departure assistance to students who are embarking on overseas programmes

Higher Education Advisors 

University Counsellors
Mrs Vanessa Cheng
 icon-email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
icon-Phone (852) 2919 6929

Ms Lee Rui Jun
icon-email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
 icon-Phone(852) 2919 6983

Universities that are keen to visit our school or speak with our students, please contact Ms Lee.

Visits by Universities
University representatives visit our school regularly throughout the academic year. Students and parents are welcomed to attend these sessions. For more information, please click here.

University Offers
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