Previous Messages from Principal

Message from Principal - August 2017

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to SISHK!

2016/17 has been a most busy year with the celebrations for our school’s anniversary. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our parents and community for your enthusiastic participation in all the events and making the year such a memorable one!

Our school year ended with some very good news from our students. In July, five of our Primary Two students won one bronze and four gold medals when they represented Hong Kong in the World Maths Invitational in Vietnam.

Over at the secondary school, S4 students are to be commended for their performance in the IGCSE examinations, with two thirds of the grades achieved being distinctions

Our DP students also performed very well in their Diploma examinations, with an average of 37 points for the IB Diploma and more than 35% achieved 40 points and above. We are very proud of our graduates as they start the next phase of their learning journey in universities all over the world including Oxford (UK), Cambridge (UK), Northeastern (USA), Berklee (USA) and British Columbia (Canada). One fifth of the cohort will be matriculating to one of the Hong Kong universities. Some students will be returning to Singapore to pursue their degree studies at the National University of Singapore or Nanyang Technological University while others will be starting National Service back in Singapore. The interests of this cohort reflect the diversity of talents among our students, courses they will be studying range from Media Studies, Music, Law, Medicine, Physics, English, Chemical Engineering, Business to Accountancy and others.

As a whole, the academic achievements of our students are laudable. SISHK prides ourselves on our academic rigour and our student body ranges widely in terms of academic inclination, creative aptitude, language proficiency, physical capability as we are a non-selective school. In addition to academic excellence, we support our students to discover and pursue their passions and talents, and equip them with the tools to face future challenges and thrive in an ever-changing world.

Our team has grown with more teachers joining us from around the world and new heads joining the management team to lead the school forward.

In the next few months, we will be upgrading the swimming pool’s water filtration system and constructing a canopy over the basketball courts at the Nam Long Shan campus. Alternative PE lessons are in place during this period and we will have another all-weather outdoor area for the children to enjoy after the works are completed.

We will also be further refining our teaching and learning strategies as well as fine-tuning the range of activities and events to further enrich our students’ learning experiences.

The team and I are all looking forward to another exciting year ahead, partnering with you to create more learning opportunities and experiences for your children!

Pek Wee Haur
August 2017

Message from Principal - September 2016

Dear Parents

We have just finished the first two weeks of the new academic year. The new parents have been inducted to the school and at the primary side we have also completed our first Parent-Teacher Meeting.

Again, we learn from our experiences and continue to improve our processes.  S1 parents attended a briefing session on the first day of school where various Heads of Departments shared on the different emphases and practices on curriculum and assessments as our children transit from the primary to the secondary section.  One thing that we have also done differently this year for our primary school’s Parent-Teacher Meeting was to incorporate a sharing session to update all parents of the developments that the school has achieved in the Secondary Section.  We received much feedback last year from the primary school parents that information on the good work that our secondary school students were doing did not reach them.  As such, in addition to the several sharing sessions that the school had conducted last year, we are also sharing more information to our primary parents on our students’ good performances at the IBDP and IGCSE examinations, university entrance, achievements in competitions and their leadership developments.

Results for IBDP and IGCSE - our students have done well in both examinations.  For the IBDP result, this year we have 32% of our students achieving 40 points and above.  On average over the last 4 batches, we have more than 30% of our IBDP graduates achieving 40 points and above and this trend of sustained achievements is significant as it is the result of the hard work and perseverance of our students and teachers, and the unwavering support from our parents. Our average IB score maintains at 36 points and has to be seen in context of our school’s non-selective policy where all our students are encouraged to try for the diploma course.  Students who are at risk and their parents are engaged and counselled about their performances, possible outcomes and the way forward.  At the IGCSE level, our students have done well achieving 48% of their grades at A* level.  At the school level, more detailed analyses of the results are conducted and my staff and I will continue to learn from these analyses and fine-tune our teaching and learning.

The school is celebrating our 25th school anniversary this year and we look forward to having our students learn more about the rich heritage of the school and to understand that we are standing on the shoulders of those who had come before us in this school and it is up to us to continue building on the school’s great tradition and bring our school to greater heights.

Our team is expanding, with our secondary HOD/Mathematics, Mr Alvin Soon, being promoted to be an additional vice-principal of the secondary school.  More teachers are joining our management teams to look into better planning and coordination of student activities and programmes.  We are also hiring more teachers, both from Singapore and internationally, at both primary and secondary levels, to look into greater enhancement of our student programmes.

More to come as we move forward this academic year and we will keep everyone posted on events and happenings coming up over the next few months.

Pek Wee Haur
September 2016

Message from Principal - November 2015

Dear Parents,

A wonderful term has passed and students have settled in well.

The results of our DP2 students in the IB Examination 2015 showed consistent performance as well as highlighted certain areas to work on. In terms of teaching & learning, the school continues to sharpen the disciplinary focus of each subject, and that the focus is on preparing our students for the IB Diploma and beyond. It is not about the marks and grades but the skills and values that one should have in facing the challenging world of tomorrow. In terms of non-academic areas, you will see that our school is also pushing in many different directions this year. We are providing more opportunities for developing student leaders at all levels and increasing exposure of our students in competitions and benchmarking of other students in Hong Kong. The school is increasing our effort to expand our network and source for companies, institutions of higher learning, alumni and parent volunteers to securing more internship opportunities for our DP students.

Secondary section has introduced target-setting and holistic reporting which involves huge mindset change. From an education point of view, it is more beneficial to provide individual feedback for students to improve in their learning. We urge parents to be patient with us while we work through the process together to drive a stronger focus on the subject discipline for our students’ learning.

The School has participated for the first time in the International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO) – Hong Kong Screening which aims to identify scientifically-gifted students at junior secondary level for further training in advanced science content. Among 64 school participated in the competitions, 3 of our students have been awarded 1st class Honour, 2nd class Honour & 3rd class Honour, respectively. All 1st class and 2nd class Honour awardees will proceed to participate in the first phase of the 13th IJSO Student Training Programme. The total scores of our top four students earned our school a 3rd Runner-Up Honour under the Team Award category.

Besides academic achievement, our students excel in the sports as well. In swimming, our U14 & 16 Swim team participated in the HKSSF Competition and won a total of 7 Golds, 1 Silver and 2 Bronzes and the U16 Boys emerged the overall Team Champion. Also, 4 Volleyball school teams competed in the ISSFHK Competition qualified for the final. The U16G and U20B served, set and spiked their way and were crowned champions while the U14G and U14B came in third and fourth in their respective category.

As part of our character and citizenship education, we have been encouraging our students to take responsibility, care and ownership of the community we live in by keeping our environment clean. Through our community involvement programme, we aim to educate our students and help them understand from young the importance of taking ownership of ensuring a clean environment. We are very encouraged to see more than 250 PY1 to P6 students, their parents and staff participating in a beach clean-up activity in Discovery Bay on a Saturday morning on 31st October 2015. The school will continue to inculcate in all students the value of keeping our community clean as a habit of life through our school-wide programme.

To keep our Primary curriculum relevant to changing needs, we will be formally introducing computer coding to P3 to P4 students this year to enhance students’ creativity and logical thinking. The course will provide rich opportunities to develop useful skills for the 21st Century and will be extended to the upper primary and secondary levels over the next few years. Computer Science is also introduced at the IBDP level and in time to come, at the IGCSE level. We are confident that such exposure will enhance our students’ logical thinking & problem solving to prepare them for the challenges ahead of them.

With the gradual shift of CCA from a yearly/termly subscription format to one with longer term development over a few years, the school is looking into niche development. While different sections of the school focus on different CCA, Chinese Orchestra and Western Ensemble combine students from both primary and secondary sections to enhance their learning & experience in their music development.

We are excited about the new areas that the school is embarking, and look forward to continue working closely with our parents to bring the quality of our education to the next level.

Pek Wee Haur
November 2015

Message from Principal - July 2014

Dear Parents,

Another exciting year is just about to begin and it’s my pleasure to share with everyone the good news regarding the performance of our DP2 students in the IB Examination June 2014 Session. For this cohort, the school has maintained its high average score of 38 points for those who attained the IB Diploma and has made good progress in terms of the percentage of our students who achieved 40 points and above. In addition, as a school that places strong emphasis on the bilingual capabilities of our students, we are also proud that 31 % of our diploma recipients obtained the bilingual diploma. The conditional university offers received by our students ranged from all the major universities in Hong Kong, to Cambridge, King’s College London and London School of Economics in the United Kingdom, to Carnegie Mellon and University of Chicago in the United States.

Our students’ stellar achievements is testimony of the effort and hard work put in by our students, the teachers who have structured and guided their learning, and our parents who have done so much to support them.

Beyond results, SISHK is about developing our students as whole-persons. Character development and leadership are just as important to us as academic results. Over the last academic year, the school had done well with many new initiatives through out all levels to enhance our students’ learning. At the secondary level, the enhanced House system provided a platform for our students from all levels to interact and foster a strong sense of belonging to the school. In many ways, students were more involved in the decision-making process and had to take responsibilities for their actions. From initiatives proposed by the 3 councils (Student Council, Community Council, and Athletic Council), to service learning projects and the running of camps, our students were placed at the forefront to think on their feet and learn to work with one another.

Beyond results, SISHK is about developing our students as whole-persons. Character development and leadership are just as important to us as academic results. Over the last academic year, the school had done well with many new initiatives through out all levels to enhance our students’ learning. At the secondary level, the enhanced House system provided a platform for our students from all levels to interact and foster a strong sense of belonging to the school. In many ways, students were more involved in the decision-making process and had to take responsibilities for their actions. From initiatives proposed by the 3 councils (Student Council, Community Council, and Athletic Council), to service learning projects and the running of camps, our students were placed at the forefront to think on their feet and learn to work with one another.

At the primary level, Character building and leadership were our key areas of focus. Not only were there more opportunities for our student leaders to hone their leadership skills through organizing events, the MindUp programme had also laid the foundation for our children to manage their emotions and cultivate positive attitudes towards life.

Many parents have contributed in terms of donations towards the facility upgrading exercise at the primary school. We will like to express our heartfelt thanks to their generous support. When the school starts again on 20 Aug 2014, all the floor will be laid with non-slip tiles and all of us will be able to enjoy the newly renovated auditorium.

In the coming academic year, students in SISHK can also look forward to a wider range of opportunities to stretch themselves beyond the classroom through greater participation in school events and inter-school competitions. The teachers will also be working on our existing curriculum to sharpen the learning of our students in the academic areas.

Welcome back to another exciting new year!

Pek Wee Haur
July 2014 

Message from Principal - July 2013

Dear Parents,

It gives me great pleasure to share with you the excellent performance of our DP2 students at the IB examinations in the May 2013 session. Of our first cohort of 23 students enrolled for the Diploma, 8 achieved more than 40, and the cohort achieved an average score of 37. On behalf of the school, I would like to offer my heartiest congratulations to all the DP2 students on your achievements.

The setting up of the secondary section has been a challenging journey; I am, however, thankful that teachers, past and present, have sought to meet these challenges by establishing a rigorous curriculum, and that our parents have placed much faith and trust in the school. Our strong results confirm that we are in the right direction and are a big morale booster, both for the school, and for our parents and students.
Moving forward, we have already begun fine-tuning our curriculum and processes to enhance the school experience of our students. Over the last few months, our teachers and the school management have had several conversations on ways that the school can improve beyond this. In AY1314, greater emphasis will be placed at all levels to build up our students’ capacity beyond just the academic areas. Leadership and organizational skills will feature strongly in their co-curricular education. In a world that is becoming increasingly inter-connected through technologies, we believe that such competencies will put our students in good stead.

Finally, as our pioneer batch of DP2 students leave the portals of SIS and get ready to enter the portals of higher institutions, it is my wish that you will always remember SIS, this place that has been a second home for most of you for 14 years. You are more than welcome to visit us and update us on the lives that you lead after leaving us – lives that I am sure will be fruitful and inspiring for future cohorts of SIS students.

Pek Wee Haur
July 2013 

Message from Principal - April 2013

Dear Parents,

Three months have passed since my arrival in SISHK, and every day, I am getting to know the school a little better than the day before.  Over the last few months, I have taken some time to understand the teaching and learning culture here by participating in lesson observations.  While I have yet to visit every class, an initial understanding of our classroom culture has been gleaned.

Developing our students to be internationally-minded leaders of tomorrow remains at the core of our philosophy.  Not only are we concerned with our students academic achievements, we also want them to be well-rounded individuals, capable of leading a rich and fulfilling life and helping to create a better and more peaceful world.  As a relatively young school, we are continuously shaping our school culture, both at the staff and at the student levels.  Numerous ongoing conversations have already been initiated with groups of teachers and students.  Over the next few months, more people will be involved to clarify what SIS means to us.
The other big project currently ongoing is our primary school campus upgrading project, which has commenced since December 2012 and will be completed in stages till the end of Summer Holidays in 2014, more than a year from now.  So far, we have upgraded all the toilets, the rooftop gardens, and two classrooms at Level 5.  The upgrading of the remaining classrooms has started and will be done level by level, until the end of this summer.  Classes who will be affected have been informed to move into holding classrooms during the period of their classrooms’ renovation.

The S4 cohort last year did exceptionally well: across the 15 subject exams they sat for last year, 80% were awarded A or A*.  Several of these students have been recognized by Cambridge International Examinations to be the Top in Hong Kong in Biology, Global Perspectives, Music and Physics.  Not to be outdone, 32 of our S3 students last year also sat for the IGCSE Mathematics exam in May 2012.  Of these, 94% obtained A or A*, and one student was recognized to be the Top in the World in Mathematics (without coursework).

Our Secondary 3, 4 and DP2 students will be taking their IGCSE and IB examinations very soon.  We are confident that they will put in their best effort and do well.  On behalf of the teachers, who will continue to be with them during this period, we would like to extend our best wishes for their examinations. 加油!

Pek Wee Haur
April 2013

Message from Principal - January 2013

Dear Parents

The link bridge between Nam Long Shan (NLS) and Police School Road (PSR) campuses serves not just to facilitate the movement of staff and students but also to remind members of the SIS community the many significant crossovers we have made.  SIS is now a through-train school offering 14 levels of education, with two campuses adjourning each other.  It is also a Cambridge International Examinations centre and an International Baccalaureate World School whose first two cohorts performed impressively on the IGCSE examinations.  
SIS would not have achieved all these without its people.  Prior to my posting to SIS in December 2012, I had the privilege of visiting the school in October 2012, and was impressed with the clarity of the BOG, the dedication of the staff and the warmth of the parents that I interacted with.  Regular updates, which dated to even before October 2012 from the previous principal Madam Mak Lai Ying, have convinced me that SIS teachers, parents and students work closely with each other to ensure that the school offers a rigorous bilingual curriculum that prepares our students for the demands of the IBDP and the 21st Century. Positive feedback from parents on the new Chinese curriculum in the primary section, conditional offers that our IBDP2 students have received from selective universities in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, as well as overwhelming admissions applications for AY2013/ 14, affirm us that the school is on track to becoming a school of choice that maximizes the learning of our students.  

The link bridge between both campuses also serves as a quiet witness to the flurry of developments in the vicinity.  Besides the MTR South Island Line (East) project, upgrading work on the NLS campus has started.  We will work with the contractors to minimize inconvenience to our students and parents; to that end, AY2013/ 14 and AY 2014/ 15 will start later for the primary section, and a small number of primary classes will be decanted to PSR campus temporarily.  During this upgrading period, we seek your understanding and generous support in helping the upgraded NLS campus stretch our pupils’ potential even further. 

I understand from my colleagues that during the Christmas concert on 14 December 2012, the PTA put up a video in appreciation of Madam Mak’s significant contributions to SIS.  Titled “Bridges”, the video thanked Madam Mak for the literal and metaphorical bridges she has built.  It is my hope that we will continue to build on the firm foundation that SIS now stands on and bridge the school to greater heights of excellence.

Pek Wee Haur
January 2013