University Visits

University representatives visit our school regularly throughout the academic year to share with our students about their universities and admission requirements.

Below is the schedule of university visits for academic year (2016/2017). The schedule will be updated regularly (upon confirmation with university representatives). Students and parents are welcomed to sign up for the sessions that they are keen to attend. For logistical purpose, please sign up at least two days before the session.

Whenever possible (with permission from the universities), we will share their presentation slides on this website.


University Admission Talks at SISHK 

Date University Presenter(s) Time & Venue Sign Up
7 Apr 2017, Friday CUHK Business School (HK)

*Mini lecture on Marketing by Dr Wong and presentation and Q&A session by CUHK Business School.  Students who are interested in pursuing business, incl. Accountancy, Hotel and Tourism Management, Decision Sciences and Managerial Economics, Finance, Management and Marketing courses are strongly encouraged to attend this session.
Dr Andy Wong, Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Studies, CUHK Business School and Ms Carol Ho, Undergraduate Office, CUHK Business School 12:45 – 13:30,

6/F Seminar Room
7 Apr 2017, Friday
Stanford Pre-Collegiate International Institutes 2017, Stanford University Summer Program (US)

* Information booth at 4/F Plaza providing information and the opportunity to ask questions on the Stanford Pre-Collegiate International Institutes (Summer Program) by Stanford University.
Ms Joyce Wong and Ms Jean Luo, representatives from GR Talent Consulting, the official partner of Stanford Pre-Collegiate International Institutes 12:45 – 13:30, 4/F Plaza (booth - registration is not required)


University Admission Talks / Fairs at External Venues 

Date & Time University / Event Venue Registration / Links
24 Apr
University of Oxford (UK)

Information session that provides detailed and accurate information regarding all of the aspects that one might consider when applying to Oxford. This will include; the choice of course, the collegiate structure of the University and the application process itself, including admissions tests and interviews.

St Paul’s Co-Educational College, 33 MacDonnell Road, Hong Kong Registration is not required. Please proceed to the school hall upon arrival.

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