U12 and U14 Friendly Netball Match


Monday 4th December saw the first friendly between SISHK’s primary U12 and secondary U14 teams. Dismissive of the fact there was a three-year difference between some of the students, the competitive side of the U12s meant they wanted a chance to play as a team and rose to the challenge against their older opposition- some of whom were their siblings! They showed resilience and integrity, even though the score was not in their favour. The U14s played with grace and dignity, showing true sportsmanship to their younger opponents; congratulating play and providing constructive feedback to mistakes made. When the two teams were mixed together for the last half of the game, the secondary students challenged the primary students to play a much higher level of netball. This was a wonderful opportunity for the primary students to push past their comfort zone and show their true potential. It was also a great way for the secondary students to test their knowledge as they coached their less experienced teammates, giving advice on tactics and rules. It was a great experience had by all and allowed SISHK students of all ages to bond over netball.