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Dear Parents,

Welcome back to SISHK!

2016/17 has been a most busy year with the celebrations for our school’s anniversary. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our parents and community for your enthusiastic participation in all the events and making the year such a memorable one!

Our school year ended with some very good news from our students. In July, five of our Primary Two students won one bronze and four gold medals when they represented Hong Kong in the World Maths Invitational in Vietnam. 

Over at the secondary school, S4 students are to be commended for their performance in the IGCSE examinations, with two thirds of the grades achieved being distinctions.

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Our DP students also performed very well in their Diploma examinations, with an average of 37 points for the IB Diploma and more than 35% achieved 40 points and above. We are very proud of our graduates as they start the next phase of their learning journey in universities all over the world including Oxford (UK), Cambridge (UK), Northeastern (USA), Berklee (USA) and British Columbia (Canada). One fifth of the cohort will be matriculating to one of the Hong Kong universities. Some students will be returning to Singapore to pursue their degree studies at the National University of Singapore or Nanyang Technological University while others will be starting National Service back in Singapore. The interests of this cohort reflect the diversity of talents among our students, courses they will be studying range from Media Studies, Music, Law, Medicine, Physics, English, Chemical Engineering, Business to Accountancy and others.

As a whole, the academic achievements of our students are laudable. SISHK prides ourselves on our academic rigour and our student body ranges widely in terms of academic inclination, creative aptitude, language proficiency, physical capability as we are a non-selective school. In addition to academic excellence, we support our students to discover and pursue their passions and talents, and equip them with the tools to face future challenges and thrive in an ever-changing world.|

Our team has grown with more teachers joining us from around the world and new heads joining the management team to lead the school forward.

In the next few months, we will be upgrading the swimming pool’s water filtration system and constructing a canopy over the basketball courts at the Nam Long Shan campus. Alternative PE lessons are in place during this period and we will have another all-weather outdoor area for the children to enjoy after the works are completed.

We will also be further refining our teaching and learning strategies as well as fine-tuning the range of activities and events to further enrich our students’ learning experiences.
The team and I are all looking forward to another exciting year ahead, partnering with you to create more learning opportunities and experiences for your children!

Pek Wee Haur
August 2017

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