Board of Governors

Ng Chee Siong Robert Phau Yee Meng Pearlyn Keith Poon
 Mr Ng, Chee Siong Robert
Board of Governors
Mr Toh, Hock GhiM
Deputy Chairman
Board of Governors

Mr Poon, Wing Keith
School Supervisor

Wong Siew Hoong Kwan Kai Cheong Lui Chee Ming

Mr Wong Siew Hoong
Director-General of Education 
Ministry of Education Singapore

Mr Kwan, Kai Cheong
Finance Committee
Ms Lim, Vee Lin Adelaine
Management Committee
Cho Yu Cora Ho Puay Peng Hu Yee Cheng Robin
Dr Cho, Yu Cora Prof. Ho, Puay Peng Mr Hu, Yee Cheng Robin
Lee Yong Sun Lui Chee Ming Seck Wai Kwong
Mr Lee, Yong Sun Mr Liu, Chee Ming Mr Seck, Wai Kwong 
Commmittee Member    
Tan Teck Huat Phau Yee Meng Pearlyn  
Mr Tan, Teck Huat
Campus Planning & Development
Ms Phau, Yee Meng Pearlyn
Management Committee,
Campus Planning & Development